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New Kalispell business brings new space for workers, without disruptions

Posted at 3:24 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 18:16:10-04

KALISPELL — Working from your couch, man cave or even dining room dinner is no longer the only solution for working from home.

Atrium Cowork brings a new space for remote workers in Kalispell without the disruptions.

"There's a lot of distractions, you get pulled, you have kids, you have dogs, you have chores, you got projects you keep staring at all the times while you should be working, and so this environment gets people out of the house around others." said Atrium Cowork co-owner Aaron Mcpherson.

It's a place where stay-at-home workers merge with an inviting community.

“We encourage people to interact with one another, spend time with one another, but also give them an environment that they can be effective and get their work done in a more productive fashion,” Atrium co-owner Mark Kenney told MTN News.

Mcpherson and Kenney created Atrium Cowork, not just as another option to working from your dining room table, but also as a way to network with other business people.

“Instead what we like to do is offer several different ways of creating like a community for people to work together and that community is what is different from kind of your normal executive office spaces," said Kenney.

Cowork spaces are often found in bigger cities, even Whitefish, but now Kalispell has embraced the change.

“Companies now are allowing people to choose where they want to live and there's no better place in the world than in this Valley. So, we are excited to give people the professional office space they need and right here in Kalispell” said Kenney.

Atrium also offers coworkers high-speed internet as well as bottomless espresso.

Atrium Cowork is holding its grand opening on June 4, but if you need a desk to finish a project or an environment to hear feedback from other professionals, the space is open today.