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New subdivision may be coming to Kalispell

600 units proposed on land between Two Mile and Three Mile drives
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Kalispell development
Kalispell development
Posted at 3:10 PM, Mar 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 17:18:06-05

KALISPELL — There is a mixed-use subdivision that has been proposed to put close to 600 units on a plot of land — between Two Mile Drive and Three Mile Drive — that has historically been used as farmland to produce dryland wheat.

The Crossings at Spring Creek development has been approved by the planning board and will go to the Kalispell City Council this month.

“Were zoned for agriculture here. So that tells me that the plan was agriculture in this area. The land that's been open for animals or, you know, small hobby farms, whatever. It's all going to be taken away and that's sad. It's very sad. I don't like it,” said Two Mile Drive resident Victoria Codona.

Kalispell development

This area of Kalispell was originally zoned for agriculture and single-family developments but has now been rezoned to incorporate 400 residential apartments and 5.8 acres for neighborhood businesses. The Kalispell Planning Board says there is a need for more housing.

“But as with anything, you know, supply is an important part of trying to deal with some of the housing issues that are out there. And it definitely provides housing supply and a mix of different types. It's not all single families, not all multifamily, but it gives a mix of different levels that could be in there,” said City of Kalispell Senior Planner P.J. Sorensen.

Traffic impact studies have been done in this area, and the city is required to maintain the level of service that was there prior to construction. The recommendations from the traffic study are things such as a roundabout at Three Mile Drive and Spring Creek Road, expanding sections to three lanes to incorporate turn lanes and possible signalized intersections.

Kalispell development

“We analyze that we look at the impact on infrastructure, certainly traffic as part of what you look at this we have the traffic impact study, we get a Geotech evaluation for soils. You're looking at the ability to serve it with water and sewer. And there's a number of other factors that you look at to make sure that it fits in under our criteria in that location,” said Sorensen.

There has already been significant growth in this part of Kalispell, causing residents to become concerned about traffic and construction delays.

“I'm very disappointed in it because we picked this property because of it being out of town and that's going to put us in the middle of town basically. And the traffic has already increased on this road due to the developments on Three Mile and stuff and I think it's just going to be very, very busy,” said Codona.