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No fishing restrictions in place yet for Northwest Montana

Northwest Montana Fishing
Posted at 1:46 PM, Jul 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-05 15:46:21-04

KALISPELL — This heatwave isn't exactly something Montana is used to for this time of year and if the temperatures continue to rise you will see some restrictions when it comes to fishing.

“We have had some rivers across the state that have had to receive restrictions or closures because of these high temperatures,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) spokesman Dillon Tabish said.

“And that's because these high temperatures can really create stress on our trout species and extra stress from the warm water,” he continued. “Warm temperatures can lead to pretty high mortality, or even disease events, and so we're really trying to avoid that.”

“As of right now there [are] no restrictions in northwest Montana, but if this heatwave continues that could change, we are monitoring them closely,” Tabish said. “And if that temperature rises to a certain point, we will enact restriction or closure if, if necessary.

FWP is also asking the anglers to try and get their fishing done early at a cooler time of the day to put a little less stress on the fish.

“We switched everything we're doing, primarily, early morning half-day bookings to get people on the water and off the water before the end of the day, which is responsible for our fisheries and also for the people that are fishing with us,” explained Justin Lawrence who owns the Lake Stream Fly Fishing Shop.

Fortunately, being in northwest Montana means that restrictions might not have to be implemented.

"Most of our rivers are fed from glacial sources and [are] so high in the mountains. And so luckily, we've got really cold, clear water here in Northwest Montana,” Tabish told MTN News. “So, hopefully that's gonna sustain itself through the rest of summer, but we're that's why we're keeping a close eye on.”

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