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Outdoor non profit teaches survival fire lessons in Columbia Falls

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Posted at 7:58 AM, Jan 13, 2023

COLUMBIA FALLS - A non-profit in the Flathead is teaching valuable lessons to adults and children out venturing in the cold woods this winter.

Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center is hosting a workshop in Columbia Falls on Jan. 14, called “Fire in the Winter Woods.”

Participants will learn how to make campfires with just a match or lighter and a knife.

Lessons on how to assemble a fire structure, tips and tricks on how to find dry tinder in a snowy forest and other helpful tools will be taught.

The event runs from 1 p.m. to - 4 p.m. on Stoltze Land and Lumber Co. Trumbull Canyon Camp in Columbia Falls and is open to all ages.

However, children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Event Spokesperson Jay Bresee said learning how to make survival fires is important for all who like to recreate in Montanan’s great outdoors.

“We think that not only is it a safety concern, to like, help people know how to save their own lives, if they might get hypothermia or something, it’s just a great thing for families to know how to do, for parents and kids to know how to do, to just go out into the woods and have fun, regardless of the weather,” said Bresee.

Those who would like to participate must sign up in advance online.