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Outsiety gives women an avenue to go adventure and meet new people

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Posted at 2:59 PM, Jan 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-09 09:33:14-05

WHITEFISH - A group of women in the Flathead has come together to create a unique safe space to do activities and meet new people.

We joined this Outsiety group for a snowshoe to see what these activities are really like.

“It's not specified to a certain interest because I believe that women are everything. And through all of our stages and phases of life, I've always felt like it was hard to go from what I can do now as a person without a child, or what I was able to do or participate in as a person with a child,” said Outsiety owner Laurie McCargar.

Outsiety gives women an avenue to go adventure and do things they love or try something new.

There is no requirement to know how to do the activity and the other participants will teach beginners.

“Which makes this group so wonderful because we do so many fabulous Montana adventures... short ones, long ones, water ones, snow ones, summer ones. It's just a great group of women and their pets,” said Outsiety participant Alicia Craft Gower.

Everyone in the group was welcoming and friendly, making this an easy group to become a part of.

“It's just fun to be able to come and hang out with people when you don't know anyone. You know what I mean? Just like find friendships around being outside,” said first-time Outsiety participant Sarah Flaherty.

The main goal of Outsiety is to bring like-minded women together to share the things they love to do.

“It makes me be committed to go outside. It's easy to stay in bed till late, but once I make a commitment to either bring somebody or I signed up for it, it gives me a little bit more accountability to just get out. Get some exercise, breathe some fresh air, let my dog have a good time and to get outside. So, it's a good thing,” said Gower.

You can find out more about Outsiety through their Facebook page or