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Affordable housing development proposed for Kalispell

Plans call for a 250-unit affordable, luxury housing development
Kalispell Luxury Apartments
Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 18:21:31-05

KALISPELL — Late last month just over five acres of land was purchased on East Idaho Street in Kalispell with plans to develop a 250-unit affordable, luxury housing development.

Greenway Development Group managing partner Brent Brown says that starting from their very first development, they have tried to make the units more affordable compared to similar housing.

“So affordable is something that you know, everybody's definition is a little bit different. So, we want to provide the most — if you will — in our development in terms of the finest finishes, amenities, etc., for slightly below what the market would bear on rents. And so that is where we kind of come up with, hey, this is going to be the luxury version of what will be affordable based on the market in Kalispell." - Greenway Development Group managing partner Brent Brown

Greenway Development Group officials met with the City of Kalispell before closing on the property to discuss future plans and potential development, but no official documents have been received by the city.

Brown says that the old Rygg Ford property — where the housing would be located — is already properly zoned for this type of use. With no rezoning necessary, Brown hopes the project can move forward with a plan review and permitting.

“And we decided on roughly 250 units, we feel like there's a need for those units there and that would also allow the appropriate amenity package to be included parking...for our residents. So that's our plan at this point,” Brown explained.

Kalispell Luxury Apartments
The 250-unit affordable, luxury housing development will be located on East Idaho Street.

Kalispel City Manager Doug Russell told MTN News that the idea of the new development fits in line with the core area development plans and the idea behind the new Parkline Trail.

The Parkline Tower building will be Greenway Development Group's third project in the Flathead Valley since 2019. The company built the Highline Apartments in Columbia Falls and is currently finishing construction on another 180-unit building on the Parkline Trail, set to open in May.

“Well, we have considered so many things, you learn as you go, and so I feel like with each property with each project, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, we've learned something. And so, we think this will be our best project yet,” Brown said.

Kalispell Luxury Aparemnts.jpeg
The housing on East Idaho Street will be located on the former Rygg Ford property.

Brown says that the building will have extra amenities on the rooftop and a tie into the Parkline Trail.

“It's in a location that needs something. And so I feel like we're going to deliver more than just that something there. So we're excited,” Brown said.

Brown expects construction to start this summer with hopes of opening Parkline Towers in 2023.