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Special Olympics Polar Plunge event brings happiness to all

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jan 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-10 13:03:05-05

POLSON — The Special Olympics polar plunge has gone virtual this year, meaning anyone can join and participate, despite COVID-19.

“People can create their own Plunge safely," said Kris Kelly, the Special Olympics Five Valley Region Competition Coordinator.

Kelly says that by signing up online, people can submit their videos using the hashtag PLUNGE 406, and for some “handpicked celebrities” they get to do the plunge in a new fun way.

“They will have the chance to come and they're not jumping into the link they are going to get sprayed by the fire Department," said Kelly.

To remain safe during the pandemic special measures have been put into place.

“We have a whole protocol having to be set up where everybody has to be screened. They wear masks while waiting and we separate out the groups," said Kelly.

And for siblings Tristan and Bethany Butler, this opportunity to fundraise made them feel great.

“We really like hanging out with Special Olympics and it brought warmth to our hearts a lot," said Bethany.

The pair raised over $700 this year in just 3 days.

“Two years ago, we raised $50, so this was a huge improvement," said Tristan.

Kelly says that participating in any Special Olympic event brings happiness to all.

“If you ever have a chance to come to a Special Olympic event, you leave any Special Olympic event, your cheeks are sore 'cause you smiled and your ribs are sore because you have laughed," said Kelly.

You can still join in on the icy fun until January 16.