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The Rancher's Daughter in Kalispell hosting canned food drive

When you bring in a can of food to The Rancher's Daughter you can get a discount on your purchase.
The Rancher's Daughter
Posted at 2:01 PM, Aug 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-25 12:24:54-04

KALISPELL - The need for food at food banks is ramping up as the school year and winter draws closer.

One local business in Kalispell is now hosting a food drive to help fulfill those needs.

The Rancher's Daughter is a farm-to-table store that gets all their products from farmers and ranchers across Montana.

They are looking to help more communities, outside of agriculture, and are doing a canned food drive through Saturday, Aug. 26, 2023.

People who bring in a can of food get a discount on their purchases. For example, five cans of food equal 5% percent off a purchase.

The Rancher's Daughter will also be donating one pound of their local ground beef for every pound purchased.

“It's so important and it's something that I think we forget is that we probably have neighbors who are hungry. And I think a lot of times we open our fridge and we look at what we have and we just forget that it's a reality for a lot of families. And I know that especially the beef feast, the meat sold in the stores from my family's ranch. So it's really, really important to me to feed people with the beef that my family's raising. And so I'm just excited that we get the opportunity to provide high-quality meat to some of these families who maybe haven't had fresh beef in a long time." - The Ranchers Daughter co-owner Karoline Rose

Visit to learn more about The Rancher's Daughter which is located at 274 Sixth Avenue W N, in Kalispell.

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