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Whitefish e-commerce company donates to local businesses

Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 02, 2020

WHITEFISH — A Whitefish e-commerce company is matching donations of their employees and giving back to local businesses.

Kirk Cornelius, strategic director for the ZaneRay Group told MTN News that the company typically encourages their employees to donate to local non profits. And the company will match up to $250.00.

Cornelius says ZaneRay is able to be fully functional during this pandemic as most employees work remote. Because of this, he explained that the company encourages their employees to give back to others that may not be as lucky.

In the circumstances everyone is under with the coronavirus, the company asks their employees to donate to any local business, whether non-profit or for-profit. The company will match the same $250.00.

Cornelius said that some employees are even going above and beyond just donating money.

"One of our employees recently purchased gift cards to hand out as gifts to hand out to employees that lost their jobs from businesses shutting down," said Cornelius. "Just so, they at least have a meal, a good meal coming up."

Cornelius said that the company will continue to give back to other businesses as long as this pandemic continues and encourages their employees to find other ways to give back.