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Whitefish Mountain Resort open for summer fun

Whitefish Mountain Resort Summer
Posted at 4:49 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-14 18:58:29-04

WHITEFISH — Whitefish Mountain Resort is officially back open for summer activities, but some things are going to be a little different this year. For example, instead of being open seven days a week they're open five, and they are closed, Tuesdays and Wednesdays except for the scenic lift rides.

“The change is a direct response to a little bit of a lack of staffing we have up here on the mountain. I think just in general in the Flathead Valley...everyone's kind of experiencing,” Whitefish Mountain Resorts spokeswoman Maren McKay said. “We could have gone to seven days a week, but it's not fair to them. If we push them away.”

However, all the top summer attractions will still be going on with even some new adjustments, which will be a perfect fit for beginners, all the way to intermediate bikers.

“Well, we have all of the classics, we still have our Alpine slides that are going. The bike park has a few new adjustments. Instead of 27 runs this year we have 22. That doesn't mean necessarily that five have just magically gone away. There were two runs we've now made it into one, and that's maybe just to make some more intermediate runs for some folks,” McKay explained.

“I think this year has been so weird, you know, in the past year or so, and it's just always it's always so nice to see people come up to the mountain and,” McKay said. “I mean, who doesn't want to see someone smile found the Alpine slide or fly through the zip line? So, it's just always so nice to connect with guests and to see their smiling faces.”

The reason Whitefish Mountain Resort is only open five days a week right now is because they are short-staffed and they don't want to burn out their employees. The Resort is actively looking to hire and are offering employee benefits. Click here for more information.