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Whitefish Women's Firearm Academy expands, adds self-defense classes

Women's Firearm Academy Whitefish
Posted at 3:28 PM, Jun 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 17:28:17-04

WHITEFISH- The Women’s Firearm Academy (WFA) in Whitefish expanded its classes to help ensure that women have the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves in a variety of different situations.

The WFA originally only taught gun safety but when John Delmonico took over, they included more self-defense-oriented classes. The classes also go in-depth on the legal, mental, and physical preparations for different situations.

“it's better to give you permission to act and permission to say no or to use your body or your voice. And that's what it takes. It could be just that small," John Delmonico said.

Watch one of the training sessions below.

WEB EXTRA: Self-defense training at Women’s Firearm Academy

The expansion from just gun safety and gun law was inspired by the change happening around us.

“So the world's changed, the valley's changed, Montana's changed, the whole country has changed. With that in mind, we kind of wanted everyone to be more well-rounded and have a better opportunity to defend themselves," John Delmonico told MTN News.

John works alongside his wife, Sonya, to be sure that he has a women’s perspective when creating the classes. They work together to create classes that work for women’s bodies and even focus on fashion when teaching women how to conceal carry.

Wfish defense
The Women’s Firearm Academy has expanded its classes to help ensure that women have the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves.

“So kind of breaking it down as far as how a woman perceives things and how that's different than a man and when you have kids in tow, and what do we think about as women. We like to have our fashion Every day. And men don't have that dynamic," said Women's Firearm Academy co-owner Sonya Delmonico.

Women from all over Montana attend classes at the WFA and many come back repeatedly, which is rare in this industry. Jean Fletcher, a student at WFA for four years, lends this to the friendships that are developed there and the in-depth teaching style.

“It is so interesting what happens when you no longer have to walk in fear. You change the fear for confidence, awareness, and vigilance is not fear. Because those are your first weapons. Those are your first alert systems. And when you have that awareness and confidence, the fear melts away," said Women's Firearm Academy student Jean Fletcher.

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