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Sober Life offers resources to recovering addicts suffering in isolation

Posted at 8:33 AM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 10:33:27-04

With the coronavirus keeping people indoors, people in recovery from addiction can have a difficult time.

Experts say one of the first things you might hear in recovery is not to isolate yourself as isolation and loneliness can be toxic for people dealing with addiction.

Now people are being told they should isolate for the safety of the community, leaving recovering addicts with a dilemma.

Sober life is an active group in Great Falls provides people with a supportive community when going through recovery.

Member of Sober Life, Thomas Riseberg offered some advice on how people in recovery can stay positive during social distancing.

“This is a classic serenity prayer moment, where this stuff is totally outside of all our control. We got to focus on the things we can control and not get wrapped up in just over-thinking. You just gotta accept and move on and do what you can.”

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He also added some advice from the AA principles saying, “One day at a time, not future tripping and not being wrapped up about what’s going to happen in a week from now or a month from now and being able to compartmentalize and focus on what you can do today for your mental health.”

Sober Life also offers ways to look into the future for people who are experiencing mental health issues.

“This too shall pass the understanding the understanding that bad things happen, and we can’t control them but what can do control is our emotions and attitudes and reactions to it and if we stay positive it will end eventually,” said Riseberg.

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