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Missoula's Cranky Sam Public House opens

Posted at 6:43 PM, May 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 16:18:39-04

MISSOULA — Despite the COVID-19 pandemic -- and some pretty interesting discoveries during construction of the location -- Cranky Sam Public House is now open in downtown Missoula.

With the brewery opening you can enjoy beer and wine while also exploring some of Missoula’s past.

"I think most people have heard that his was kind of the old red light district back in the day but it was also a speakeasy back in the 30s and 40s which is also kind of a neat history so we definitely had the red lights district going on here and people were doing there thing an I'm not hear to judge,"said co-owner Jenifer Heggen.

The beer and wine list includes four Cranky Sam’s home brewed beers. Heggen told MTN News the COVID-19 shutdown offered the new brewing operation a chance to get its bearings and to create some great beers right out of the gate.

"During the COVID shutdown we were actually able to brew and it kind of allowed our brewer some quiet time to brew with a little less pressure to get our brews out. He's done a great job even from the first batch. It's been amazing."

This new location also offers an outdoor patio.

"It just extends into that area that people want in Missoula. Its a downtown south facing patio with natural mature trees that are kinda messy so we have to clean a lot but its ok its worth it because it just provides such a pretty environment," said Heggen.

Cranky Sam does not have a food menu yet, but you can still eat there while enjoying this unique location.

"Food wise we don't do food yet that's the bummer but at the same time it's great because we have a great relationship with Bob over at Biga pizza he’s delivering. We have food trucks in the back. Notorious PIG will bring food over right across the way so its pretty great," Heggen said.

Cranky Sam is using the app, Digital Pour, to keep track of the beer list, which allows you to check the beer menu online.