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Missoula International School finds new home in heart of Missoula

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Posted at 9:24 AM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 11:24:35-05

MISSOULA — Six years and over $6.5 million later, Missoula International School (MIS) came home to their newly renovated, permanent facility on Thursday.

"It’s such a big step to take for a small school in Missoula,” said Head of MIS Julie Lennox.

Achieving this ribbon cutting day took years of work. The private school, known for its Spanish immersion program, previously operated out of Prescott School, a facility far too small for their growing student body.

Lennox said private donations, planning, and patience eventually led them to 808 South Third Street West in Missoula.

“That brought us to using the buildings that were already here, using that footprint and making the design that could fit in there that had the different features that we've been looking for and wanting in our building,” said Lennox.

Located on four acres of land, their new building will be more accessible for area families, it sits within walking distance of the downtown district, and the facility itself now matches the vibrancy of the school’s unique curriculum.

Fundraising for the facility isn’t done yet, but they’re sure to get there soon, Lennox said of the once in a generation opportunity.

“It affirms that the community that we have and the style of education and the opportunities and experiences our kids have are super important to a lot of people, and they'll back it and they'll put their money behind it and help make sure it's there for the future.”

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