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Missoula shoppers get ready for the Super Bowl

Downtown Missoula
Posted at 6:22 PM, Feb 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 13:51:48-05

MISSOULA — Wings, chips and cupcakes are among Missoula’s favorite Super Bowl foods, and Rosauer's is gearing up for the big game.

“We’re working hard. It’s busy, and just trying to keep up,” said Rosauer's employee Amelia Uncle.

Missoulians flocked to the supermarkets on Saturday.

Mindy Ackerlund said she was, "here for snacks for the Super Bowl game.”

Missoula Resident Mindy Ackerlund says she’s a Chiefs fan, but her roommate is a 49’er’s fan.

“Watch it at home and have some snacks and root Kansas City Chiefs on.”

Rosauer's Manager Keith Wolf says the days leading up to the game are always some of the busiest, and says this year’s teams should bring in crowds.

“A little more local consideration, so fuels business a little bit more.” He continued, “We’re ready to do what you need to to have a good party.”

The store has been running specials all week.

“The sales ring up pretty quick, so we definitely do good on this weekend.”

The bakery prepares cookies and cakes for the fans, and the meat department stays busy handing out rib eyes.

Wolf says sales from this weekend rival all other major holidays, including New Year’s.

“We’ll be busy again tomorrow morning up until a few hours before game time. But definitely Saturday before Superbowl is the peak.”

Wolf says he hopes store traffic slows enough by Sunday afternoon that his employees can take off and watch the game.