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Montana State Fund donates safety gear to Butte students

Third year of safety equipment giveaway
Posted at 8:25 PM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 16:28:35-04

BUTTE - Montana often ranks high for workplace injuries.

“Montana for years has been an inherently unsafe place to work. We injure more employees in Montana than almost any other state year after year after year,” said Mark Rosenleaf with Montana State Fund.

For the past three years Montana State Fund has been giving away free safety equipment to high school industrial arts classes. This week Butte High welding class received free safety equipment.

“Safety glasses, hearing protection, earmuffs, fall protection equipment, welding hoods, Welding gloves, work gloves,” said Rosenleaf.

Welding instructor Denise Bordeleau said she’s grateful to receive this equipment because teaching safety is a priority in her classes.

“It’s huge to get them into a safety culture now so that they know what they’re looking for when they get on the job,” said Bordeleau.

Statistically Montana has had a poor safety record, but officials are hopeful that if they can reach young people and teach them safety first, that statistic will change.

“Hopefully getting to them when they’re young and starting to develop some safer work habits and safer thought patterns,” said Rosenleaf.
And less injuries on the job.

Montana State Fund has given away $30,000 worth of safety equipment to class around the state.