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MPD warns Missoulians of spam calls

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 27, 2020

The Missoula Police Department wants the public to be aware that unknown persons are participating in a scam to steal your money.

According to the press release individuals are ‘spoofing’ the main PD phone number and calling residents according to MPD's press release.

The calls go right to voicemail rather than ringing through.

The suspect identifies himself as a specific Missoula Police Officer and asks the recipient to call back to (406) 350- 4717.

The victim is told they have outstanding warrants for their arrest and\or asked to update personal information.

The victim is then usually asked to purchase a gift card(s) of some sort to post bail or pay fines.

The Missoula Police Department does not conduct business this way, and would remind you to never provide personal information over the phone. Please contact St. Mike Hebert at 552-6300 if you have further questions.