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One man hopes to serve Missoula with a taste of Pakistani food

Posted at 9:07 AM, Nov 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-27 13:15:05-05

MISSOULA — There aren’t many opportunities to enjoy Pakistani food here in Missoula - in fact there are none - but one UM alum is trying to change that.

"I think it started with the whole idea of bringing my culture to Missoula," Zeera Food Truck creator Zohair Bajwa said. Bajwa is currently crowdfunding his dream of bringing Pakistani food to Missoula.

There weren’t any options for Pakistani food when Bajwa began attending the University of Montana about a decade ago so he started making it himself and when friends loved the food too he had an idea. "It was very encouraging to see friends asking hey whens the next time you are going to make food and when can we come over. Just for the cultural aspect guests are always welcome so it was another chance to share my culture," Bajwa said.

So Zohair is looking to start with a food truck named 'Zeera' which will offer a number of dishes.

"Predominantly we will be serving curry style chicken lentils for vegetarian options. Samosas are becoming popular here in Montana," Bajwa added.

Currently, Bajwa is crowdfunding to start the food truck and while a first campaign didn’t raise all the money needed, it was promising enough to hope a second will complete the goal.

"We just got done with our timeline for the fundraiser. It’s a website called Indiegogo. So we are done with the first phase and unfortunately didn’t hit the goal but I have recently just started part two of that specifically to match what we have already raised," Bajwa added.

Click here if you would like to donate.

Bajwa currently cooks Pakistani food for his friends, family and for Soft Landings Missoula fundraising events.