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Bitter Root Humane Association encourages people to foster a dog for Thanksgiving

Posted at 3:13 PM, Nov 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 16:29:10-05

HAMILTON — The Bitter Root Humane Association is hoping each one of its pets has a special Thanksgiving this year. That’s why they’re encouraging people to foster a dog for the day of Thanksgiving.

Cyra Woehlke-Saltzman is the Operations Manager of the Bitter Root Humane Association wanted to create this event to offer another way for the dogs to be adopted.

“We want to educate people, and we also want to really encourage adoption so we just thought this would be a fun way to do that,” said Saltzman.

Noise and commotion in shelters often make it hard for dogs to sleep or relax. So, even taking a shelter dog for a short outing can make a huge difference.

“The shelter is a really stressful place for the animals and so we’re really trying to look for a place where the animals can go, even if it is just for a short fostering,” said Saltzman.

And if you’ve been tossing around the idea of adopting, think of this as a baby step-a chance to see how the dog responds to its new environment.

“We want to give people the chance to feel out that animal before locking into an actual contract with the dog adoption,” said Saltzman, “we see that a lot where they jump into it and then the animal comes back, so we’re trying to think of ways for the animal to get out and feel out their family and then decide if that’s going to be their forever home.”

But, Saltzman emphasized the responsibility of fostering a dog, even if just for a day.

“We care for these animals and we are just wanting the best thing for them, and that we hope these programs turn into adoption,” said Saltzman, “that’s our biggest goal at this point is making sure these dogs get their forever home.

If you want to spend your Thanksgiving with a foster dog, you can visit their Facebook page or visit their website. The deadline for signing up to foster a dog is Tuesday, Nov. 26.