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Salish and Blackfeet rapper joins a youth challenge made to inform about COVID-19

Posted at 4:29 PM, Jun 28, 2020

MISSOULA — One Salish and Blackfeet musical artist is joining the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe in their campaign to create awareness about COVID-19 for Flathead Reservation youth.

“I think I was inspired by the Navajo Nation because I didn’t want my people to go through the same thing," said Shadow Devereaux.

Devereaux is a Salish and Blackfeet hip-hop artist from the Flathead Indian Reservation, and participated in the CSKT COVID Youth Community Care and Awareness campaign by making a music video speaking to the youth of the Flathead Reservation about becoming aware of COVID-19

Devereaux says he was calling out the youth of CSKT to protect themselves and others, so they do not get hit as hard as the Navajo Nation which has over 350 deaths.

“They've been hit super hard and a lot of elders are dying and I don’t know if the youth realizes that not caring can affect the people they love and affect their culture because our preservation comes from the older generation," said Devereaux.

The CSKT campaign music video that Devereaux or Foreshadow created was released Friday and has over 2,500 views on YouTube and almost 2,000 shares in two days on Facebook.

Devereaux says the initial response to the video was something he couldn’t keep up with.

“Usually I can keep up with my notifications and engaging with the people, and yesterday I couldn’t keep up," said Devereaux.

Devereaux says that having this opportunity to speak to the youth of his own reservation had a impact on him.

“I think a lot of the community and kids can relate to what I say in my music and it is really great to have them look up to you," said Devereaux.

You can watch Foreshadows full video on his Facebook page here.

You can find other music videos about CSKT COVID-19 challenge by searching #CSKTCHALLENGE on Facebook or Instagram.