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Tiny Tails in Manhattan purchases incubator to help save newborn puppies and kittens

The incubator helps stabilize body temperatures and provides a sanitized environment for baby rescue animals
Posted at 8:07 PM, Sep 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-03 16:17:00-04

Tiny Tails in Manhattan is one of the only non-profit animal rescue organizations in Montana that takes in puppies and kittens that are just days only.

It’s a volunteer run non-profit organization that’s best known for its animal rescue, rehab and re-home services in Gallatin County and across the state.

“Tiny Tails is a small breed and puppy rescue. Or at least that’s how we started out. We are now taking in livestock and we are now taking in pocket pets, and pretty much whatever is in need of care,” said Diana Stafford, co-founder and director at Tiny Tails.

Recently, the organization purchased an incubator thanks to the support and donations from individuals who are passionate about Tiny Tail’s cause.

The incubator helps expand care for very young animals by helping stabilize their body temperatures and providing a contained and sanitized environment for animals to recover.

“Recently we have been getting a lot of newborns, abandoned animals or animals that have been rejected by their mothers like this little guy. And he came in injured and rejected and he wasn’t eating,” said Stafford.

Quincy is a rescue puppy who is the first to use the incubator, and Stafford says the new purchase helped save his life.

Tiny Tails has seen a tremendous amount of success in their years of operation with a 99.5% survival rate for puppies and 95% for kittens.

Tiny Tails expects the new incubator will help maintain the high success rate.

“First I’d like the community to know that we have an amazing group of volunteers,” said Stafford.

“We’ve been very very lucky that we have had community’s support because we don’t get any city, state or federal funds.”

Tiny Tails is now looking into buying a scale and microscope for their operations.

You can donate to the organization at .