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Bozeman woman hopeful for third kidney donor

Posted at 11:18 AM, Nov 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-26 13:18:40-05

It’s that time of year where people really focus in on what they’re thankful for, and honestly, for some people, it’s easy despite what they go through every day.

“I think being alive after everything that I’ve been through like it’s kind of crazy just looking back and the support that I do have,” said Mandy Dufrane.

Twenty-nine-year-old Dufrane has a long medical journey.

Twenty nine-year-old Bozeman resident hopeful for third kidney donor

“I guess I’m not really sure where to start because this has been a lifelong thing. But I was diagnosed with a really rare genetic disorder at 16 months,” she explained.

As a baby, Mandy was diagnosed with cystinosis, a condition requiring her to need a new kidney that her own mother provided.

“I received my first kidney transplant in 2010 and that ended up rejecting. I was really sick. I did dialysis for three years, and then I got my second which was a deceased donor, and basically long story short it was a bad kidney,” Dufrane explained.

Which brings us to Mandy’s search today. She has a community of support, but she needs a donor with type O blood.

“If it’s something that you’re able to do and you feel really called to do it Mandy is the perfect person for it because she is just such a wonderful amazing person who is getting held back from some of the goals of her life because of this one thing,” said Hannah Allen, one of Mandy's friend and supporter.

The 29-year-old truly believes her match is out there and won’t stop until she finds it. If you believe you may be that match, you can contact Annie Johnson for more information by email at and then go from there.