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Missoula's Loyola Sacred Heart High School moves to online learning

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Posted at 6:47 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 20:47:51-04

MISSOULA — Schools across the country are moving to online learning and this week and Catholic schools in Montana followed suit.

Missoula's Loyola Sacred Heart High School started distance learning on Wednesday due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.

"We are all here for the kids, and wanting to give them as much normalcy, and structure and routine as possible, so that it feels like 'we're still going to school'," Principal Kathy Schneider said.

The school is using Google Classroom and Zoom to provide instruction, and teachers have office hours where kids can call with questions.

"There's something about the seriousness of this, and the uniqueness of this, that really does make it feel like there's been a greater distance between us. Being able to come together virtually really does make a big difference," said Schneider.

Teachers have been prepping for distance learning for weeks and Schneider noted the school is keeping a normal block schedule.

"This isn't the apocolypse. Look outside, spring is here, and spring will be here next year," Schneider explained. "This is a period of time that we need to get through day by day, with patience, and support and understanding of one another."

The Catholic Bishops of Montana announced earlier this week that all schools will remain closed until May 4.