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One Class at a Time: Sentinel High School Engineering Program

Posted at 2:09 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-28 11:51:14-05

This week's One Class at a Time winner is Sentinel High School engineering teacher, Joseph Yakawich.

Republic Services Marketing Manager Chad Bauer and KPAX-TV General Manager Bob Hermes awarded Yakawich $250, which will be used to buy two 3-D printers for his classes.

“It gives us a more accurate read," says Yakawich. "Or a better ability to solve the type of problems that we’re physically solving in this classroom to greater detail and more accuracy."

When Yakawich came on board, he inherited broken down equipment, meaning his students were forced to do more hands-on projects. He added that his students were still learning, but not in a way that prepares them for the technology they’re going to see in the future.

"It’s a bridge to college and the stuff they’re going to be seeing at the collegiate level," says Yakawich.

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