Water supply at Malmstrom AFB given the "all clear"

Boil advisory issued on Thursday no longer in effect
Posted at 11:08 AM, Sep 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-23 16:26:37-04

The water supply at Malmstrom Air Force Base has been given the "all clear."

On Thursday, Malmstrom officials said that a "potential Bacteriological source was accidentally introduced into the Malmstrom AFB drinking water system on 19 September."

The Malmstrom AFB Facebook page reported on Saturday morning that all water tests for the Peacekeeper housing area have returned negative for any potential contamination, and that the boil advisory issued on Thursday is no longer in effect.

They said that since there were no contaminants, there are no health risks to the base populace.

If you notice any cloudiness in the color of your water, flush the water line until clear and dispose of ice as necessary until the ice is clear.

The cloudiness was caused by the accidental introduction of air into the water line.

Malmstrom officials thanked base residents for their patience and understanding "as we took all necessary precautions following the accidental introduction of air during winterization maintenance."

If you have any questions, you're asked to call the Malmstrom Public Affairs office at 406-731-4050.

(THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19) Malmstrom AFB issues warning about base drinking water supply