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Missoula grocer utilizes Opportunity Resources to help fill staffing needs

Posted at 5:13 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 19:13:09-04

MISSOULA – Opportunity Resources has been serving western Montana for 60 years, working to provide independence to Montanans living with disabilities.

One way they provide independence for their clients is to help them find jobs, and Missoula Fresh Market stores are always in need of good employees. So they looked to Opportunity Resources to help solve their problem.

“Were always looking for hard working dedicated individuals to work for us and people who can be reliable and dependable. We found in working with Opportunity Resources that we get that,” Missoula Fresh Market store manager Rich Thornock said. “So we are always looking for people that fit those bills and there are so many different avenues in the store that they can take. We can usually find something that works both for the individual we hire as well as for us. Its beneficial for us as a company.”

Enter Fresh Market’s longest tenured opportunity resource employee, Donnie Richard.

“I like working here. I enjoy it. The employees are good people to work for,” Fresh Market courtesy clerk Donnie Richard said. “Co-workers are good people to work for.”

Donnie has now been at Fresh Market so long that he can be a mentor to other Opportunity Resource-placed employees.

“I help them whenever they need it, cause they’re just getting started and I’ve been here for years,” Donnie said about his mentoring abilities.

Missoula Fresh Market trains new employees found through Opportunity Resources, providing them with all the skills they need to succeed at their new jobs.

Donnie’s experience gives Fresh Market another training resource who already knows what it takes to be successful.

“Mainly me. I kind of show them the ropes. Basically just show them how to bag, help them bag. Not put to many groceries in one bag,” Donnie said about training others.

New Fresh Market employees might want to follow Donnie’s advice, because so far his managers are impressed with ability.

“We have a very reliable, dependable employee, which a lot of times in the current job market, we don’t always have,” Thornock said.  “It’s been very enjoyable to have people from Opportunity Resources because they’re typically very dependable, very reliable and the customers really appreciate the opportunity that they see that we are helping community members from all different types of life be an active and vital part of the community.”

Donnie works with two other Opportunity Resource employees at his South Reserve Street location.

In his spare time, Donnie enjoys watching football and basketball games and you can most likely see him at Griz games over the weekend

You can learn more about Opportunity Resources, including how to donate, on their website.