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Missoula Domino’s locations offer jobs to Opportunity Resources clients

Posted at 4:04 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 19:06:20-04

MISSOULA – Opportunity Resources provides support for their clients with disabilities as they strive for independence.

One way ORI provides support is by helping their clients find jobs in Western Montana

Domino’s has been working with Opportunity Resources employees since they hired their first at their South Avenue store in 2014.

Now, both Domino’s locations in Missoula work with Opportunity Resources to help fill some of their staffing needs. 

“It definitely works well for us,” Domino’s operating partner Jeremy McMillan said. “We have one at both of our Missoula locations, you know, a girl that comes in and helps fold boxes. It takes a little pressure off the store and really helps a lot, especially on busy days.”

At the North Reserve location, Sherry Welzel has been helping out for about six months now and does a variety of different things around the store.

“They showed me how to wash the tables down and sweep the floor and take the things out, what I’ve been showed how to do,” Domino’s ORI employee Sherry Welzel said. “There having me do a lot of boxes, different boxes, but I’ve been doing good.” 

She enjoys working at Domino’s and says that she enjoys the time with her coworkers.

McMillan says they also enjoy having her as an employee, and that they relish the chance to contribute to the community. 

“It’s huge for us. I live here in Missoula, we are part of the community and it’s important to us. Being able to help out the community and give people an opportunity, yeah. That is huge for us,” McMillan said.

Sherry also says she’s been making great use of her opportunity.

“Right now I think I’ve been doing a good job of it,” Welzel said.