Prepared Thanksgiving meals save time and stress in Missoula

Posted at 8:47 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 12:42:05-05

MISSOULA – The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and if you’re stressed out about getting the big meal ready there is another option here in Missoula.

More and more cooks are turning to already prepared Thanksgiving day meals that you can pick up at a grocery store or restaurant.

At the Good Food Store in Missoula, you can order a full meal as late as Monday, November 19 and schedule a pick up on November 20 or November 21.

The Good Food store says they staff up for the whole holiday to have all the meals prepared and to have some extra items prepared.

Whether it be special diet, time or ability, more and more people seem to be doing it.

“I would probably say that it increased over the last few years.  Last year we got some really great feedback. We made some changes to the menu last year and we got some really great feedback from customers many of them who were staff members who bought the meals but a lot of customers from outside of the store as well,” Goof Food Store Culinary Manager Rebecca Perkowski said.

“More positive feedback then we’ve had for a long time on the Thanksgiving day meals.  So we stuck a lot with what we did last year because it seemed to go well,” she added.

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