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Missoula officials gathering comment, reviewing transportation plan

Posted at 7:28 AM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 23:26:45-05

MISSOULA – Five years ago, the City of Missoula worked with the Montana Department of Transportation to fund and put a plan together.

City officials say they are seeing a positive trend in roadway safety with a decrease in serious injuries and fatalities but are looking to update an improve the plan which officials say is all a part of a good planning process.

“Having a good plan means coming back to it periodically and evaluating how successful you’ve been and what’s changing. Has anything changed in terms of the data or perspectives of the community?” said City of Missoula Transportation Planning Manager Aaron Wilson.

“Ways we can start to address different issues and looking at how successful you’ve been and readjusting. So we are at the beginning of that phase this will be about a six or eight month process. We’ve just started analyzing the data that we collected over the last five years, so updating that and looking at different trends,” he continued.

“What this meeting is about is to really look at that initial data analysis, get some feedback from the community and then we will move into looking at do we need to shift our focus where have we been successful,” Wilson concluded.

Wilson told MTN News how important community input is to a successful plan and while this is the beginning of the process, he says there will be opportunities for community involvement along the way.