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NorthWestern Energy to begin moving Missoula transmission tower

Posted at 7:07 AM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 11:48:10-05

MISSOULA – Missoula residents dealt with Spring flooding which for some people had devastating effects.

NorthWestern Energy is now beginning a project to relocate one of their transmission towers after it was damaged by the flood waters.

The project will take place in the Missoula Parks and Recreation Tower Street Open Space and will be done in increments.

Crews will clear a new power line corridor, install six new power poles on concrete foundations and then string the new lines.

NorthWestern Energy spokesperson Jo Dee Black says the utility has been working closely with Missoula officials on the project and hope to have it completed as quickly as possible.

“We know that for people who use that open space that this is an inconvenience and we appreciate their cooperation,” Black said.

“And we’re looking forward to having it completed and to be out of their way so they can enjoy that open space all summer long.”

The transmission tower that is being moved provides service to the Target Range area, Miller Creek and the Bitterroot Valley.

Signs will be posted in the parking area and the incremental closures will continue through the end of April.

CLARIFICATION: The initial version of this story gave the impression that the open space area would be completely closed while the project is underway. That was incorrect. We apologize for the error.