Truck wash hosts fundraiser for victims in Missoula, Evaro shooting

Posted at 9:42 PM, Mar 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 08:47:07-04

MISSOULA – People were recently warned of a scam targeting people who wanted to reach out and help the family of trooper Wade Palmer who was shot in the line of duty on March 15. That same suspect took the life of Shelley Hayes and injured two others.

Now one Montana business decided to host a fundraiser offering people a chance to donate and maintain peace of mind knowing their money will make it to the families.

Kiersten England and her husband Tim own Exit 96 Shine Truck and RV Wash and on April 7 all of the profits from their operation will be given to the families affected by the shootings in Missoula and Evaro.

“Sometimes in the wake of a situation like this you just feel helpless in what to do. I feel as an owner of a business you have more of an opportunity to give back. We can open up that avenue and know that 100% of whatever they give that day is going to the victims and their families,” said Kiersten England.

The hours of operation that day are 8 to 5, but employees say the wash will be open as long as people are still there and hoping to donate.

“It’s a tough time not just for one victim but for all four victims in different ways. I think anything that we can do to help them I think is really important not just for us but for this entire community here. Thoughts and prayers are important, but they only go so far,” said general manager of the wash, Dane Storm.

All cars and trucks are welcome, but you don’t have to wash a vehicle to contribute. You can make donations at their office.

Exit 96 Shine is located at the Wye at 8686 Aluminum Road in Missoula.