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New Missoula County rules in place for ballot drop-off

Posted at 6:47 PM, Apr 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-12 20:56:35-04

MISSOULA – Last year, Montana voters passed the Montana Ballot Interference Prevention Act, which means there are some changes being made this upcoming election cycle.

Whether it’s for your mom, your grandma or your siblings, now in order to turn in someone else’s ballot you will have to fill out a short informational survey.

That survey can be found on the back of your ballot instruction page.

You’ll have to note the voter’s name and address, as well as check a box that best describes your relationship to the voter.

The ballot collector’s name, phone number and signature are required as well.

Ballot collectors are only allowed to turn in six ballots aside from their own and they must fill out the form, or risk being charged a fine for each ballot collected.

“The voter’s ballot is valid if a collector does not submit the form with that ballot. So voters don’t have to worry that their ballot won’t be counted, but collectors should know that if the form isn’t completed then they have the possibility of receiving up to a $500 fine per-ballot that was not collected via that form, “said Missoula County Election Administrator Dayna Causby. 

The form should take you less than five minutes to complete depending on how many ballots you are collecting.

Election staff will be doing their best to assist people and make sure they have the form filled out correctly.