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Crowd gathers to meet "Freedom Convoy" in Missoula

Freedom Convoy
Freedom Convoy
Freedom Convoy
Posted at 4:34 PM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 12:44:31-05

MISSOULA — A convoy of trucks is making its way across Montana -- showing support for a similar protest in Canada earlier this year.

The group is protesting vaccine mandates and testing requirements in some areas.

The convoy is traveling west to east across the state on Interstate 90 after leaving Spokane on Wednesday morning to travel to Missoula.

They were then set to travel through Ramsey near Butte and then on to Belgrade. They're scheduled to get to the truck stop in Lockwood Wednesday night before heading to Wyoming tomorrow on Thursday.

Dozens of people lined the side of the road at the Wye with American flags, Montana flags and signs saying “we love our truckers, -- waiting for the truckers to come through and show their support.

Honking horns could be heard across the Wye as a line of big rigs made its way through on Wednesday. One of those on hand was 10-year-old Trinity who helped pass out snacks and drinks to the truckers, “thank you for fighting for our freedom.”

A handwritten note and a message to a trucker in her family -- her grandpa, “I would want to say to him thank you for fighting, and I love him.”

Freedom Convoy

Lynn Lee said she was there because she’s against COVID-19 mandates for truckers, “that’s not the American way, it’s not.”

Other signs also echoed that message.