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Lolo's 'Lady in the Beer Glass' stolen, owner looking at next steps

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 20:08:35-04

LOLO — There are a lot of things that KT’s Hayloft Saloon and Lolo show off on their roof, but the most iconic was stolen on May 15.

“Well it's an icon here for Lolo,” said Frank Miller, KT's Hayloft Saloon owner.

For nearly 48 years the 'Lady in the Beer Glass' called the roof of the saloon home. Until…

“Six guys I've got up on the roof as my understanding and decided to steal my statue, which I've had there since 1970, 74 I believe,” Miller told MTN News.

The 150-pound, solid-wood carving was taken, which Miller believes had something to do with alcohol and a service ladder outside the building.

“One of them couldn't even get back off the roof," said Miller. "So they call the fire department to get him off the roof.”

And once the department got the man, who hasn’t talked yet, off the roof, the manager on duty that night gave him a ride home—which Miller says is just being a good neighbor.

“You know it's a tight community and you know, we try and take care of everybody we can," said Miller. "I hate to press charges on anybody that was having a little fun, but they need to pay for the consequences for doing that.”

“What would happen if the lady didn't come back home?," asked MTN News.

“Well, it depends on a condition," Miller told MTN News. ”I mean I've had people call and say do you need donations, get another one made, we want it back.”

And if the lady does make her way back to the roof, Miller says nothing about the security will change.

“You know, we just put it back on a pad up there and secure it the best we can again,” said Miller.

The case is still open and many hope to see the original lady back up where she was. Miller says he's working on it.