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Missoula College health professions practice real life scenarios

Missoula College Practice
Posted at 8:07 PM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 16:27:10-04

Missoula College Nursing, Surgery, Respiratory Care, and Radiology students practiced an emergency c-section on Monday.

They used a lifelike pregnant mannequin to showcase different specialty skills, from labor to post-surgery check up.

Nursing Student Lucas Finlay acted as the baby’s father, "it’s as important as the care you provide, how you interact with the people you are caring for.”

“Students say the practice is great, but the most valuable part of an experience like this is getting to work with students in other programs.”

There are 200 students enrolled in the Health Professions, and even more taking the required prerequisites.

“It’s a great program, the instructors are awesome. They’re critical in the best of ways. They’re always trying to help us learn, and prepare us for the real world," Finlay said.

The health programs have equipment like x-ray machines, 10 mannequins and hospital beds, surgical tools and cameras, and EKG’s and infant warmers.

During simulations, they use a room with one way glass and a camera. The students practice, and get tips from teachers on the other side. Then they watch their work and debrief.

“We’ve done it three or four times now, and every time they’ve enjoyed it. They always feel a little flustered, and there’s good in that. Like -- 'oh I wish I would have thought about this or done this better'," Surgical Technology Program Director Jill Davis siad.

This time they simulated complications during childbirth, and had to do breathing treatments on the baby. Nursing student Kaye Harberd says it’s exciting to work hands on.

“Every semester it all kind of starts coming together, so it’s neat to put the pieces together.”

The Health Professions Department is also adding a Paramedic program in January that will work with the local ambulance program.