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Missoula County skips credit card fees, asks for bill delay

Dave Strohmaier
Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 16, 2020

Missoula County Commissioners say they want to help people who are struggling financially right now.

At Thursday's public meeting, the Commissioners voted to waive credit card processing fees until at least June 30.

That means people paying for county services online, like property taxes, won't be charged the extra fee.

The Commissioners also signed a letter to the County Treasurer, asking the office to delay sending bills for mobile homes and personal property taxes for one month.

The letter says a delay in bills is in the best interest of Missoula County.

During Thursday's meeting, Commissioner Dave Strohmaier said, "Folks are in a tight spot right now, and this is what we can do while also recognizing that the way we are able to deliver the services that we do deliver are through taxes. We still need revenue in order to do what is essential for Missoula County."

The Commissioners also noted it is not in their power to delay any other type of property tax, and any decision to do so would most likely come from the state legislature.