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Missoula locals feel the heat

Missoulians are feeling the heat at Brennan's Wave
Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-13 21:07:53-04

MISSOULA — We're about a week away from the longest day of the year in terms of daylight and we're starting to feel that summer heat. MTN News caught up with some people getting out to enjoy the sunshine.

Whether it’s taking your dog out for a walk, exercising, or getting into some water - it definitely feels like summertime in Missoula. Being in the hot sun means hydration is key, and community members lounge outside to appreciate the day.

Friends Edgar and Patrick said for them, shade, sunscreen, and smoothies were the way to enjoy the sun.

"The sun's out; I want to feel like I'm on an island somewhere so why not drink a mango smoothie, right?" Edgar said.

At Caras Park, lots of people were out despite temperatures being in the high 80s and approaching 90. Luckily in Montana, there’s water to help with that.

"Anything from floating in the river to hanging out in the shade in a nice park or just, you know, find a nice little lake to dip in," explained Patrick on beating the heat.

Although the Clark Fork River is still too fast for casual swimming, surfers are out at Brennan’s Wave.

Local surfer Bee told MTN News although her sport is about staying cool in the sun, “it’s also just to have fun and just for the experience."

"I like it because it feels like when you're standing up, it feels like you're flying,” Bee said.

Over at Bonner Park, families are able to bring kids out to the sprinklers, which have returned after a hiatus from last year.

And for the kids, it’s good to be back.

“Oh, it's awesome. I think the kids really missed it, getting out and just having fun getting to play in the water," explained parent Brock Wicker who brought his kids.