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Missoula's Westside Theater to host drag wrestling show

Shoots and Ladders
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jan 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-13 12:17:10-05

MISSOULA - Professional wrestling and drag may seem like two opposite worlds

But in February at Westside Theater, the two will blend together in a show called Shoots and Ladders, Webs and Monsters.

The show is produced by Charley Macorn, her co-producer, and their drag company called House of Mysteries.

Macorn has been producing shows for around 10 years, but she started House of Mysteries a year ago.

“House of mysteries is really trying to find new ways of creatively cross-dressing," Macorn says.

Macorn is a lifelong professional wrestling fan, so she wanted to include the same sort of theatrics in her show. Shoots and Ladders, Webs and Monsters is meant to push the boundaries of the drag art form.

“We are going to be pushing the artform in ways that might be a little troubling, might be a little strange, and may not fit into the cookie cutter version of what this artform is," she saaid.

The show will include 22 acts over two days. Performers will interpret the theme of wrestling, board games, and chance through their art, lip-syncing, stand up, and dance, according to Macorn.

Macorn — who does a lot of work in stand-up comedy — says she sees drag as an easier performance. Shoots and Ladders, Webs and Monsters will include this world of comedy.

“Drag and comedy, there's a big venn diagram and we’re right in the middle of it," she says.

Despite the recent violence against the LGBTQ+ community, Macorn says she sees great support in Missoula and is excited to showcase the drag community.

“I think Missoula has a really fantastic queer community and a really fantastic drag community."

Macorn hopes that everyone feels welcome at her show in February and that Shoots and Ladders, Webs and Monsters can inspire further acceptance of the queer community in Missoula.

“We’re your neighbors, we are your coworkers, we are these people that are able to live in this world that is more honest to ourselves, and we want the rest of the world to know that it’s fine, you can be a part of this, that’s why our show has people of all sexualities and all gender expressions," she says.

Macorn also wants to portray a strong, connected community. She says they will not be intimidated by violence or legislation.

"We will not be put back into the closet, and we will fight tooth and nails, and sometimes with folding chairs.”

Ticket information can be found on the Westside Theater website. Additional information on Charley Macorn's work can be found here.