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Mountain Home Montana helping young mothers

Posted at 9:12 AM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 11:12:47-04

MISSOULA - Community members recently mingled and listened to the highs and lows of motherhood come to life through personal stories during Mountain Home Montana’s Annual Mother’s Day Tea.

Stories like that of Sterling Cutler, “once my daughter was born, I was shocked, to say the least of how instantly I fell in love with her.”

Every mom’s story is different, but Mountain Home Montana executive director Steph Goble says all moms know one thing," how much it takes to be a mom, both physically and emotionally, and we know it takes a village of support.”

But sometimes that village can’t be found in family. Sometimes, it takes an organization like Mountain Home to guide a woman into motherhood. “In the last year, supported 20% more families in the Missoula area,” Goble said.

Mountain Home reaches out by supporting two generations at a time. The group helps mothers find housing, access to adequate nutrition, and stable mental health. Most importantly, this group cares.

“So being able to do that for the mom so they then go around and prioritize the love and health of their kiddos, and that ultimately results in a healthier community all around,” Goble told MTN News.

Goble explained that Mountain Home’s Annual Mother’s Day Tea is a celebration of growth; growth for moms like Sterling, growth for Mountain Home’s mission, and growth for the next generation.

“We get caught up in so much of the business of each day and budgets and working on labor and making sure our staff has everything they need, but being able to slow down and hearing stories like that just makes you remember why you work, why you donate, why you support because it’s real people behind each story,” Goble concluded.