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New Missoula bakery isn't just for humans

Bolt and Bruizer's Bakery and Barkery is planning a soft opening on Feb. 1
Bolt and Bruizer Bakery
Posted at 2:16 PM, Jan 23, 2023

MISSOULA - Come Feb. 1, people in Missoula will be able to try a new bakery on Reserve Street — and their pets will be able to try it too.

Bolts and Bruizers Bakery and Barkery is a new family-owned business offering everything from unique coffee drinks to personalized cakes to dog and cat treats.

Chef Xavier Graybill, A.K.A. Bruzier, says 85% of his employees are friends or family. He hopes to create a family atmosphere where his employees are free to introduce new ideas and recipes.

Bolts and Bruziers prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients and offering products for everyone. They have gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan pastries. The bakery will offer a kid's zone and kid's frappes as well.

Bolt and Bruizer 3.jpg
The bakery is decorated with animal themed towels, signs and more. The bakery will offer home made dog and cat treats.

They make all types of personalized cakes, including wedding cakes and dog birthday cakes, and allow the customer to choose everything about the product, down to every flavor.

All coffee drinks are named after employees' dogs, and the treats have been tested by the five dogs owned by Graybill, his partner Todd Stenson — A.K.A. Bolt — and their grandma Pauline Whitehead.

“We believe if you bring your dog in to get their human a sweet, you might as well get your dog a treat as well," Stenson said.

Bolt and Bruizer 2.jpg
A photo of Todd Stenson, Xavier Graybill, and their nephew Rooster sits on the front desk of Bolt and Bruizer's Bakery and Barkery. Rooster passed away last fall, and the front of the bakery is dedicated to him.

Whitehead — who is 92 years old and will still contribute her recipes and breakfast burritos to the bakery — says she is excited for the place to open and to see how well it does.

The front of the shop will be dedicated to Stenson and Graybill's nephew Rooster, who passed away last fall.

The pair is excited about opening their shop and are confident about its success.

They have the support of the LGBT Community Center as the first gay-owned bakery in Missoula.

“Baking in general is about bringing joy to people’s life, it’s about happy times," Graybill says.

Additional information on the bakery can be found on its Facebook page and on the Bolts and Bruizers Bakery and Barkery website.

Bolts and Bruizers Bakery and Barkery is located at 1300 South Reserve Street, Suite A in Missoula.