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New Missoula-based podcast highlights local musicians

A Rhythm Runs Through It features artists in and around Montana
A Rhythm Runs Through It podcast host Callie Morris interviews band Banshee Tree
Posted at 4:24 PM, Aug 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-30 12:36:59-04

MISSOULA — Missoula is a town in the heart of Western Montana where a river literally runs through it, but this place is known for something else running through its veins: the music scene.

While Montana is beginning to see bigger artists come through the state, an undercurrent of talented performers is alive and well—and ready for a platform.

A Rhythm Runs Through It, a new podcast based out of Missoula, features that undercurrent.

"As like, bigger names are starting to come to Montana I think it's also important that we continue to uplift local musicians. So this just seemed like a natural way. I've always had like a dream of having an artist interview series," Callie Morris explained.

Morris and Matt Olson are the podcast's creators; they interviewed and recorded Colorado-based band Banshee Tree at a recent Free Cycles concert, for the next episode of the show.

"Matt and I are both music nerds and love just listening to musicians and like, fulfilling musicians’ needs as they envision them," Morris said.

Olson is a recording and sound engineer who produces each episode, while Morris hosts and conducts interviews with guests. Olson also owns and operates Attack & Release Sound & Studio.

“I wanted to keep music in my blood and keep that part of my brain working,” Morris said after getting her Bachelor's degree in Music Entertainment Management at the University of Montana.

Morris and Olson, both musicians themselves, joined forces to give listeners an intimate glimpse at artists either from Montana or traveling through. The podcast platform in turn expands the reach of those artists.

“I think the niche that we're trying to fill with this podcast is for those fans who maybe don't know they're fans yet. Maybe they're exploring new music that's around them, or in their area," Olson explained.

Each episode features music alongside some song analysis. This podcast is sort of a resurrection of KFGM’s Ballroom Sessions which had a similar format, according to Olson.

“The mission of the podcast for us is to explore the music a little further with the musicians in their own words, and maybe get a unique recording that is different from a studio release, is different from seeing them at a live show,” Olson said.

The podcast creators aim to keep the project going indefinitely. It’s sponsored by Arts Missoula.

"Anyone who wants to do a deeper dive on a band should enjoy our podcast," Olson said.

The podcast can be found on online streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.