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New Missoula City Council member to focus on tax dollars

Sandra Vasecka
Posted at 10:03 AM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 12:05:23-05

MISSOULA — The six Missoula City Council members elected to office in November were sworn in on Monday afternoon.

Incumbents Heidi West, Mirtha Becerra, and Gwen Jones return to the council, along with some new faces -- including Amber Sherrill, John Contos, and Sandra Vasecka.

With the three new additions to the city council, the composition now includes nine progressives and three conservatives.

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As one of those newly elected conservatives, Ward 6 Councilwoman Sandra Vasecka hopes to bring a different perspective and political leaning. Her first priority on council is to stay true to her campaign, and act as a safeguard to the community’s tax dollars.

“I did run my campaign on tax income and financing, and I really want to delve deeper into that and look at what can be done to really relieve the burden that is placed on our property tax payers," Vasecka said. "I want to deliver on the promises that I campaigned on. I really appreciate all the support I had throughout the campaign, and I want to do good for them.”

The Missoula City Council meets the first four Mondays of every month. The public is encouraged to voice their concerns during those meetings.