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No new evidence as probe into downtown Missoula shooting incident continues

Mike Colyer
Missoula Police Officer Shooting
Missoula Police Officer Shooting
Missoula Police Officer Shooting
Missoula Police Officer Shooting
Posted at 10:13 AM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 16:20:34-05

MISSOULA — The Missoula Police Department’s interim police chief says there is no new evidence in the downtown shooting investigation from earlier this month.

Interim Chief Mike Colyer said during a Tuesday press conference that no bullets, or bullet fragments, have been found, after an officer reported his car was shot at.

Colyer said witness statements corroborate the fact that a gun was fired but with no proof, MPD is also considering other possibilities.

"We looked at a number of things in that investigation. The glass itself, trying to determine if it was an impact, or some type of manufacture defect. It's been largely inconclusive,” Colyer said.

He explained that MPD is still actively investigating the downtown "shooting" incident that occurred earlier this month, where an officer reported his patrol car was shot at.

Investigators have consulted with local FBI experts, auto body experts, and glass experts-hoping to determine what caused the patrol car's rear window to shatter.

The defrost system on the car was found to be intact and working. Colyer also said MPD examined glass particles from the shattered window.

Watch the full press conference below.

Downtown Missoula Shooting Incident Press Conference

Investigators searched the area and X-rayed the car twice looking for bullet fragments. Almost two weeks later, no bullets have been found.

"It's not unheard of for glass to fail like that kind of unexpectedly, so it's one of the things we have to consider as a potential cause,” Colyer said.

In light of criticism on social media, Colyer says the tactical response that day was appropriate.

"If there is a person at a position of advantage with a firearm, you run the risk of having a tragedy there. So, I erred on of public safety,” he explained.

“I erred on the side of us getting in front of this as quickly as we could and controlling the situation as best we could," Colyer continued.

He als said that the police force was on edge immediately following the incident but that nervousness is wearing off.

Anyone with information about the incident is being urged to come forward as the investigation continues.