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Plow crews catching up on early Missoula snowfall

Missoula Snow Middle of the Road
Posted at 3:03 PM, Dec 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-09 09:54:37-05

MISSOULA - It was an early snowfall for Missoula — a lot of snow actually. And that means city crews are working to catch up on plowing and snow removal.

On most streets, the plows will push snow to curb lines, but in certain areas — like downtown and Southwest Higgins Avenue — the snow is piled in the center of the road.

Once the city is caught up on priority snow routes, they will pick up the center-plowed snow and bring it to the stockyard on Scott Street and Rodgers Road. The Missoula County Fairgrounds has also agreed to help store the plowed snow. In exchange, the city will grate their parking lot.

Overall, Missoula Deputy Director of Public Works Brian Hensel says the process is going fairly smoothly. The main problem now is people shoveling snow into the street.

“The snow has stopped and we’re starting to get caught up,” Hensel said. “You know, it’s always a challenge when you get an enduring snow event like this year, it certainly came in earlier than compared to last year.”

“We’re having a little bit of trouble with people pushing snow out into the street and taking some of the usable space away for our edged berms,” Hensel continued. “But our plows have been running reliably, and we are putting forth all of the resources we have available.”

Hensel says the city will soon be looking into how they can begin their leaf removal process.