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Portion of Mount Jumbo's trails set to be revamped

Public comment sought on proposed plans
Lincoln Hills Trailhead area of Mt. Jumbo set for an upgrade
Posted at 3:00 PM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 17:54:17-05

MISSOULA — A high-traffic trail area of Mount Jumbo is set to be renovated.

Between the Lincoln Hills trailhead and the saddle of the mountain are non-designated trails that city officials want to fix up — and they are asking for public comment on the plans.

“A lot of people are going from the Lincoln Hills trail head straight to the backbone trail, and then up to the top of Mount Jumbo. Right now we don't really have a trail that gets you there that efficiently," Conservation Lands Program Manager Jeff Gicklhorn told MTN News.

The new proposal may formalize this “social trail.”

The Recreation Trails Plan showcases the "Preferred Alternative Detail Map" for the Jumbo Saddle area. Blue trails showcase the new trails the city hopes to construct - some will be pedestrian only to prevent user conflict while other routes will be designated shared use.

Jumbo Saddle Recreation Trails Plan

Once plans have been finalized for this area, trail construction could begin as soon as late March.

There is no additional cost to taxpayers according to Gicklhorn, and a levy is what initiates the quick turnaround.

“In 2018, citizens of Missoula passed the Conservation and Stewardship Mill Levy. So this is an annual tax levy on property taxes that helps fund the Conservation Lands Program and stewardship and management of our conservation lands," Gicklehorn said.

Find the trails plan at The deadline for public comment is Thursday at midnight.