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Rollout of legalized recreational marijuana discussed in Missoula

City Clum Missoula Marijuana Discussion
Posted at 3:45 PM, Jan 24, 2022

MISSOULA — We're now several weeks into the legal sale of adult-use recreational marijuana in Montana and only now are we getting a bigger picture of what that means for us.

The topic was the focus of a City Club Missoula forum moderated by MTN’s Jill Valley Monday between health experts, industry representatives, and officials looking towards the next horizon for regulation.

The meeting outlined various regulation routes in the coming years from zoning restrictions to energy output of grow operations, to determining where tax revenue will go.

Not only that but there are concerns about youth prevention as potency skyrockets, as an All Nations Health Center representative pointed out.

Panelist and dispensary owner Katrina Farnum shared what she thinks is the objective of the collaborative nature of the ongoing marijuana rollout.

“To propose rules that end up working the best for everyone, the department and the cultivators and dispensary owners and patients alike. So, yeah, they've done a great job,” said Farnum who operates Garden Mother Herbs Dispensary.

As collaboration happens at a higher level to mold marijuana use in Montana, dispensaries are in operation mode -- already making sales and having their own new business experiences.