Justice to be Seen Walk concludes in Polson but the story doesn't end here

MMMW Day 4
Posted at 7:26 PM, Jun 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-19 11:40:04-04

POLSON - The Mika Matters Movement Justice to be Seen walk finished up in Polson on Friday after beginning earlier in the week in Arlee.

Walkers chanted in unison, “No racism. No hate. We need you Lake County. To investigate.”

Mena Twoteeth would have been celebrating her birthday on June 16, 2023. Instead, her family is walking to receive justice for her death.

The final day of the Justice to be Seen Walk took place in Polson.

There were frequent stops made alongside U.S. Highway 93 to show those driving through Polson that Indigenous lives matter.

Supporters chanted, "Justice Aiden. Justice for Mena. Justice for Mika. Justice for Sonia.”

The marchers continued chanting to make sure they were heard as they headed north toward the Lake County Courthouse.

Mika Westwolf’s mother, Carissa Heavy Runner, washed off the red handprint on her face, stating that she will not be silenced any longer when she arrived at the courthouse.

Mika was struck and killed along Highway 93 near Arlee on March 31, 2023. The person who hit Mika still has not been arrested.

Another mother speaking out is Tricia Finley whose son Aiden was hit and killed in Pablo late in 2018.

Almost five years later, she says she just wants someone to take responsibility for killing her son.

“Us as a family weren’t getting anywhere; we’re still not. But hopefully with other families together we can get something done," explained Finley.

Finley says that there’s strength in numbers when seeking justice.

“Me and the other families have a bond. And there are other families out there that just haven’t come to. We would love them to join us. “

Anyone with any information about the incidents on Highway 93, resources can be found on