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Montana Ag Network: Sustainable Oils opens in Montana

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-27 14:31:03-04

GREAT FALLS - A new and greener way of producing oil has made its way to Montana.

The company Sustainable Oils recently opened its North American headquarters In Great Falls.

As a state heavy in agriculture, taking care of the planet is crucial since many people’s livelihood is all at the mercy of mother nature.

Sustainable agriculture is a new and greener way of life that is on the rise.

“New companies like sustainable oils present new options for Montana growers to select what fits the needs of their farms,” explained Sustainable Oils President Mike Karst.

The answer to sustainable ag is a plant called Camelina which is grown here, sent away, and comes back as renewable diesel fuel.

“Sustainability has three core pillars, the number one is certainly environmental. How do we protect the soil we do have? God only gave us so much,” Karst said. “And as agricultural producers it's our job to protect what we do have for future generations to come.”

It is healthier for the environment and also provides additional economic benefits.

“So that farmers can make money growing this crop and the communities they live in because it additive of all the products we go into and that benefits the rural communities,” Karst said.

Sustainable Oils just officially opened its doors and is working toward a sustainable, healthier, Montana.

“Montana grows a lot of agricultural crops but it hasn’t been growing any crops that have been used for the renewable fuel industry. This is the first time the state of Montana’s going to have that opportunity,” noted Zach Coccoli with the Montana Department of Agriculture.