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Montana Ag Network: video series "Got Sheep?" offers advice for producers

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Posted at 3:03 PM, Jun 09, 2021

The GOT SHEEP? series has made its debut on YouTube in an effort to assist American sheep producers with management considerations for their flocks.

The videos include a panel discussion at the end of each video. The content is provided by Bridger Feuz, Dr. Whit Stewart, Hudson Hill, and Barton Stam. Master Stockman Consulting is producing the videos and Feuz says they offer a new way of delivering important information to sheep producers.

"We wanted to put together some informative videos, but a little bit more entertaining than just listening to any of us stand up in front of a lecture hall and lecture," said Feuz. "We try to have some live action with sheep and do a little bit of lecture and then we finished each of the videos with a roundtable discussion to talk through some of the things that occur in the videos."

"We all just started talking and thought that these interactive videos might reach a new audience. And even our old audience might be a little bit more entertained as they watch them then than just listening to us lecture on the subject," Feuz continued.

He says they cover some very important topics for sheep producers.

"We wanted to put together some videos to look at managing your sheep herds both through production and market risk and talk about ways you can look at using some economic tools to assess those risks and really manage your sheep. We have videos that kind of cover everything," Feuz said.

"We have some on genetics, record keeping, and one timely one which looks at range management and drought mitigation," Feuz continued. "Then we have some on parasite control and livestock risk protection insurance as well, which is a challenge right now to do a video on because it's not currently available to sheep producers, but hopefully, it will be soon again."

Click here to visit the Youtube channel.