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Three Forks hosts Vintage Trailer Rally

Posted at 2:10 PM, Jun 23, 2020

A 1964 KenCraft, a 1972 Eclectic Dragonfly, a 1968 Kit Companion - these trailers and others have two things in common. They are all vintage and they are gathered at Camp Three Forks for the fourth annual Big Sky Vintage Trailer Rally - an event the founder says brings back a simpler time.

"It's just a time that's been forgotten,” says Kelly Boldy, she co-founded the trailer rally with her husband. “That was a simple time, and it brings that back. I think that's what everybody misses because it is not there. So when, you have this, the passion just comes out."

The passion shows for Frank Norbury, who bought and restored his 1951 Vagabond to bring back memories and share them with others.

"When we were kids, our parents took us camping, our parents took us to things that we may not have appreciated much then, but now this is way that we can bring back a lot of those memories we had as kids and we can bring our grandkids and our kids to share in this as well," says Frank Norbury, a participant in the rally.

"They will talk your ear off. They love what they do, they love talking about their trailer. Everyone has a special meaning to them on why they did and picked that trailer,” says Boldy.

In addition to visiting all the trailers, the 2020 trailer rally is also collecting donations for the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, a non-profit supporting veterans.

The first annual rally had 17 trailers and has grown to 48 trailers in 2020.